All-in-one OmniChannel

Providing high-quality customer service requires you to effectively handle omnichannel customer moments. Customers use increasingly sophisticated technology and expect to interact with your call center in similar ways. A unified approach to omnichannel customer interactions with real-time visibility into performance let you and agents meet these expectations. Integrated tools to better manage employees further improve your customer experience.

Built from the start to be omnichannel, the PureCloud platform eliminates the need for multiple systems and applications. It’s an all-in-one solution that provides a unified experience, across all channels. It uses a common routing engine for all interaction types so you can easily control utilization and agent blending, while ensuring conversations are delivered to the agents best equipped to handle them.

Agents receive interactions from any channel in a single and consistent interface, allowing them to easily blend real-time (voice calls and chats) and asynchronous conversations (text messages, email and social), all while reducing training time and errors.

Context about each customer and a complete interaction history let agents understand who each customer is and their unique journey. Personalize dynamic scripts and responses while keeping agents on-message and compliant.


Do more with less

Streamline and improve your contact center—without disrupting existing systems, dealing with upgrade issues or battling obscure settings and impenetrable outside service dependencies. The PureCloud platform are designed so you and your agents can take full advantage of their power without the cost and frustration of outside teams or developers to manage it. The all-in-one strategy:

  • Eliminate communication silos: By blending unified communications and collaboration with all-in-one call center software, the PureCloud platform uses your entire organization to support and improve the customer experience. Breaking down organizational silos enables effortless collaboration via chat, video and calls throughout your company.
  • Eliminates complexity, cost and delay associated with having to maintain and integrate multiple best-of-breed applications—for both contact center and business communications;
  • Accelerates changes to omnichannel routing and messages because everything is in one system and logically related;
  • Simplifies administration and lowers the total cost of ownership.

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